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Dianne Mahoney

Dianne is the ideal Volunteer Advocate for the Willow Domestic Violence Center.  Dianne has arrived at the community emergency shelter 2 days every week at 6 am, for the past 3 years, providing friendly support to residents of the shelter.  Dianne also covers the 24-hour crisis hotline when needed, and provides Advocate Training to new volunteers.  Dianne inspires staff and volunteers to continue to work hard in support of The Willow.

  • Tips for Being a Successful Volunteer

    A good volunteer can make a real difference in the community. To do a good job and make a great impression, follow these tips. Always arrive on time (or early) and stay until your shift is over. When you volunteer, other people depend on you. If you're late or leave early, it could be detrimental to everyone's day. Always arrive early or on-time for your volunteer assignment and stay until your shift is complete. If you have to be late or miss a day or leave early, call ahead to let your supervisor know.


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