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Outstanding Volunteer Mike Pryor

When Mike Pryor is volunteering at Just Food, you know it the moment you walk in the door. His infectious laughter resonates around the room as he swaps stories with clients. Mike performs the check-out process at the Just Food food pantry. Besides checking out clients, Mike makes sure everyone who walks in the door feels welcome and secure, easing their stress by engaging them in light conversation and amusing jokes. Mike has increased the quality of customer service we provide to our clients and created a new standard to live up to.  

  • YOUTH: sign up NOW to volunteer this summer!

    Summer is just around the corner, and so is United Way’s Summer of Service program! In partnership with 20 local non-profits and schools, we are offering 8 group experiences and a variety of individual “internships” for youth, ages 12-18. Applications are being accepted now and spots tend to fill up fast! Click on the link above for a link to the application.


Watch the one-minute video above to learn about how to use our new site, or contact the United Way Roger Hill Volunteer Center for assistance!


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